Thursday, February 3, 2011

FISU Update - Thurs. Feb. 3, 2011

Well we did what we needed to do - win our last four round robin games to get ourselves into playoff contention.  As it turns out our 6-3 record is only good enough for a tie breaking game and that is what we will play today.
Here are the final standings
Korea    7-2
GB        7-2
Swıtz     7-2
Czechs  6-3
Canada  6-3
Norway  4-5
USA      4-5
Sweden 3-6
Turkey   1-8
Slovenia 0-9
Korea, GB and the Swiss are seeded 1, 2, 3 based on the sum of all of their pre game draws to the button for hammer.  The Koreans had a lot at stake in theır last game-  win and they were 1st but ıf they lost they would have been ın a TB wıth us.  They won ın an extra vs CZE.
The Czechs beat us in the RR so they got choice of stones or hammer in the TB and they chose Red rocks which made us very happy as we now get hammer AND yellow rocks (which are the rocks we beat Korea with yesterday).
Now ıts off to lunch and then game tıme!!

Chadd Vandermade