Saturday, September 24, 2011

Gaels win vs York Lions

Hi folks,

Playing against the elements yesterday we were able to pull out a big win that started with our defence and aggressiveness to the ball. This area has been an area of strength for us in the past and it was good to see the players return to form against York last night.

Big thanks go to Jeff Chan for coming out and taking photos of the team even in less-than-stellar lighting conditions. Thanks, Jeff! It's great to see you covering all the Gaels sports so well! On that note, there have been several photographers who have been taking on our home games this year and sharing their work with the team. Thanks to Greg Black, Michael Parkinson and my aunt, Anne Potter, for not coming out but also for making an effort to learn the game in order to take great photos.

It was also great to see many of our alumni out at the game yesterday - I know I'm going to forget a few people here, please forgive me, but - it was wonderful to see Dr. Paige Churchill, Brenna Dickison, Sarah Moussadji and Lisa Burnside out as well as Dani Maidany, Kait Pasic and Jocelyn Poirier.

We'll look forward to a week of focussed, hard work in our preparation for McMaster next weekend. I'm sure many of our team will also be out supporting the men's team today as they play the Marauders today as well.

All the best,