Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Heading into the Playoffs

The regular season has ended and now we prepare for our playoff run. The second half was much closer to what we anticipated our season looking like, as we went 7 & 2 in the 2012 campaign, after a 5 & 4 first half. Our last five matches have gone 3-0, our efficiency has improved both out of service reception and in transition, and we are playing with lots of confidence.

A reporter asked me yesterday what our challenges are going into the playoffs. "Well, there are several", I told him. I believe the first challenge is within ourselves. Because we know we are in the CIS regardless, we have to make sure we play with the same level of urgency that our opponents play with. Their seasons are over if they don't win. Ours isn't. We need to play like it is. We need to manage our side of the court and play with the same intensity and urgency that our opponents play with. At the same time we need to play each rally as an individual game and earn our points, while not giving away points; staying efficient while being aggressive.

Our second challenge is Guelph. While we were serving for the match against them on our court in the winter, we didn't finish. They have proven that if you give them an opening, they will take it. We need to push from beginning to end. If we do that, the outcome will take care of itself.

The game should be great preparation for the CIS Championships. We hope for a big crowd. Whenever we have a large and engaged crowd, it is like having an extra player on the floor.

I hope you will come out and support us on our quest for the OUA Championships!
Saturday February 18th at 7pm, right here in the Main Gym of the ARC.

Go Gaels Go!!!!