Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Update - End of the First Half

As some teams are finishing up for the 2012 year, we are just coming up to the break in our marathon season.  The preseason involved a lot of training, playing -- figuring things out.  Now that the season is half way through, we are beginning to reach a more stable form of play (rather than the ups and downs of a roller coaster that new teams often experience). 

   The season started off with us hosting Lakehead at the ARC.  It was a bit of a battle, but Queen's came out on top at the end of a 5-set match.
   The following weekend, we met a first-place York in Toronto, and left with a disappointing 3-0 loss.  However, we could not drown in our sorrows for long, as in less than 24 hours we were to travel and play against Brock University.  The loss from the night before was fuel for our game, and we left St. Catherine's with a 3-1 win.
   Next up: hosting the teams from Toronto!  Ryerson won the 5-set battle on Day 1, but that would be the last time the Gaels would lose in the 2012 regular season.  On Day 2, Queen's took the W against University of Toronto in four sets.
   The Gaels were then back on the road to Guelph and Waterloo, where we took hold of both matches in four sets.
   The last two weekends were both hosted at the ARC.  The first was a 3-0 win for the Gaels over Windsor, while the second was a 3-0 win over RMC.  We finished on a high note going into the winter break!

Now is the time to worry about exams, final assignments, and papers.  But we still have a little bit of downtime.  What do we choose to do with it? EAT of course!! The annual Christmas Potluck was a huge, delicious success.

We are looking forward to our tournament at the end of December in Toronto to get us ready for when the season picks back up int he new year!

Have a safe and happy holiday,

Shannon W.