Tuesday, November 23, 2010

getting into post-season training

Hi All.

Lots of my athletes are heading into post-season training. I like this time of year because I get to reconnect with those athletes who have been dedicated to practice time and not always around the weight room to chat and catch up. Football has been at it for a week and the rugby's are just starting with teaching sessions this week. The soccers will be next on the hit list. I know it sounds like old sage advice, but training camps really do arrive much, much faster than expected. This season, my programs have taken on a creative tact with the traditionals mixed in to make sure everyone gets stronger. I'm in the mood to not get overly extravagant with the exercises and equipment. In essence, the variations all circle around keeping the programs interesting and making sure that the athletes get stronger/fitter etc and avoid injury. There are so many gimics that can draw a program into a circus act and I will admit that it has happened to me on ocassion but I'm fighting it this season. The BOSU's will be minimal, but the squats, DB presses and RDL's will remain. Naturally, I can't avoid the keisers because they are completely awesome, but other toys will be kept in the background. Let's see how it goes.