Sunday, September 19, 2010

Team Building

Hello Gaels fans,

Yesterday was the next step in our team's journey with a victory over the York Lions.

Yesterday, we really came together as a team. We proved ourselves to be dangerous from all positions on the field with six different try scorers and three different athletes who were able to convert attempts at goal into points. There was diversity to our attack and the ability to create dynamic play from seemingly difficult positions...and our defensive strengths are certainly showing in our ability to put pressure on our opposition.

Next week, we play at McMaster at 12noon on the "Back 10 Field." We hope to see you there - last year, the Queen's women's lacrosse team came over during a tournament and lent their voices to the cause (thanks, ladies!) - the more Tricolour we have in the stands, the better for our Queen's Gaels!

All the Best,