Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Upon reflection...

Our goal this past weekend was to leave Toronto with 6 points. However, we left with only 1. After losing to U of T in a close 1-0 tilt, the boys tied Ryerson with a last minute goal by Justin Vermeer.

I spent yesterday watching both games over and over again. After hours of analysing the tapes, I came to the conclusion that we are getting better. We've been on the unfortunate end of the results, but our play is improving. Our schedule hasn't been the easiest by any means, having to play Carleton, U of T, and Ryerson away from home in 3 of our first 4 games. That being said, the players understand that we need to expect more from one another if we want to accomplish something special this year. I believe in this group. I believe in what we, as a coaching staff, are preaching. I believe in the direction the program is heading. In time (this season), we'll be able to enjoy the fruits of our labour. Again, I ask for your patience, Gaels supporters. The season is short, but the process is long.

It's Tuesday. Back to the practice pitch.

Until next time....