Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Welcome Back

Hi everyone,

How do you know that the school year is about to begin? Well thousands of bright eyed and obviously overwhelmed freshman celebrating Frosh Week could be your first indication. Possibly it's the mysterious group of purple people wandering the campus or the sheer number of school buses with body parts hanging out of the windows as they rumble down University Avenue.

Here at the ARC we mark the return back to school with a different rhythm. It's the sound of squeeky shoes, bouncing balls and loud voices raised in unison on the gym floor while the sun is setting. It's the increased usage of ice and the loud grunts of athletes working their way through an agility ladder or squatting in the weight room.

For me in particular it's the chance to watch the volleyball players back in action as they slowly shrug the mantle of summer off and shift into a completely different gear. It's seeing the effects of our strength and conditioning program as each person runs faster, jumps higher and hits a little bit harder than when I saw them last. It's the poetry of physical movement at it's best that tells me that the school year is about to begin once again.

Many of the players have had remarkable summers - some played beach volleyball competing against some of the best volleyball players in Canada. A couple trained with both the Provincial and National Beach programs in Toronto then had an amazing opportunity to be trained by Olympian Kathy Tough in Calgary.

Others decided adventure was more to their liking with one pedaling her way from Calgary, AB to Invemere, BC while another propelled herself out of a plane to see what skydiving might have to offer. Finally, there were those who found themselves working 9-5 every day and ultimately appreciating the advantages of being in school for just a little longer.

Knowing what each person has accomplished this summer makes me very excited for volleyball to start. Knowing that everyone put in so much effort to prepare for this week creates a wonderful air of anticipation. So as we begin formal tryouts tonight I can't wait to see what unfolds for the team. I also hope that their efforts inspire you to join us on our journey throughout the year both online and at our matches.

Until next time,


Congrats on a terrific summer ladies.