Thursday, February 18, 2010

1st Gold and then a Victory Ceremony!

On Sunday, after work I was lucky enough to receive tickets to the nightly Victory Ceremony at BC Place. On the walk through downtown to BC Place with my coworkers from BRT, we were checking out the progress of the men's moguls in all the TVs and big screens that are everywhere downtown. Just before we go to the stadium, we stopped outside the Alberta house to watch the last 2 racers on their screens with about 200-300 other people. After Alexandre Bilodeau did his run, and moved into first, we all watched the last guy-secretly hoping that he would fall (don't judge, I know you did as well!). Since he didn't fall, everyone was holding their breath to see what the final result would be. When the commentator said that the last guy "missed his grab" on his last jump, the crowd started cheering. As soon as Alex's score was announced, the whole town went crazy, everyone was sooooo ready to celebrate a gold medal for Canada. People were high-fiving in the street and congratulating each other. It felt great to be among the crowd.
We got into BC place just as the first part of the show was ending. Sunday was British Columbia theme night, so there were a number of youth BC acts on before the medal ceremonies (singers, dancers etc...). I was happy because 2 Canadian medals were to be presented that night-Jen Heil in the women's moguls and Kristina Groves for Speed skating. Although we didn't get to sing O Canada, the whole crowd was so pumped (it might have been because of our new Gold)! After the ceremonies, we were treated to a Nelly Furtado concert for the next hour or so. It was a really great event, and I am really glad I got to attend.