Saturday, February 20, 2010

Russian Shootout

On wednesday, the last team on the ice was Russia, I was really excited to see them. Even though I would like Canada to win, I must admit I am a bit of a fan of the Russian team. They seem to be serious about hockey, but also have a fun/cocky attitude that makes them fun to watch. '

At the end of practice today, after the coaches had left the ice, some of the players were practicing their shootout moves. I soon realized by the way they were cheering and chirping each other that there was something else on the line. Once they scored, the player went towards the door, put down his stick, took off his gloves, helmet, and even his skates and walked off the ice. The last one off the ice (obviously the loser of the shootout) had to pick up everyone's stuff and bring it to the bus. It was pretty funny watching the player (who will remain nameless) bring 10+ sticks, helmets and skates off the ice, attempting to get through the door with all that stuff.

Note: I wrote this post on Wednesday evening the day before the Russian-Slovakia game that Russia lost in a shootout! Maybe they should take things more seriously, we will see today at practice.