Thursday, February 18, 2010

No Pictures, Please

The Olympics are so huge, that sometimes it is easy to forget that it is all about the athletes. Our venue is different from other places in that the volunteers are super close to the athletes, coaches, and team staff. During practice we greet them as they get off the bus, show them to their dressing rooms, and open the doors for them to get on the ice. We also greet their friends and family when they arrive to watch.

So it is really hard to tell the excited volunteers that they are not able to approach the players for autographs or photos when they might be standing side by side a Jerome Iginla, Alexander Ovechkin, or even Jaromir Jagr (mullet and all). We also have to tell them that they cannot take action shots as well, which is very tempting.

To help them understand why, I remind them that BRT is supposed to be a place where they should be able to feel safe from prying eyes and "crazy" fans. We also have to remember that it is their workplace, somewhere where they are working on pulling their team together and sorting things out.

So, we all have been taking mental pictures, I can show them to you when I get back.