Sunday, February 7, 2010

Welcoming the world!

One of the catch phrases that is all around in Vancouver is Welcoming the World!

Just in the past week I have seen more and more people coming into town. When I was downtown yesterday there was soooo many more people out and about. I thought I would pop into the Olympic Superstore to see what was there, and I think half of Vancouver was there as well. I tried to get a red canada hoodie, but no luck, they were sold out.

Welcoming the world also applies to BRT. Ethan, the Deputy Venue Manager is from Montreal, Chris, the media person comes from Austraila, Anya, another EVS Supervisor is from Montreal, and I am from Kingston. There are also a lot of local vancouverites here as well. Susie, the other supervisor is very local, she is the Britannia Program Director in real-life, as well the icemen and some of the tother hosts are staff at Britannia. They have been very welcoming to us as we have come in to invade their spaces.

I am looking forward to meeting more people when they come to volunteer at BRT. I really enjoy getting people's stories to see what brought them to the games.