Sunday, February 28, 2010

Super Kelly....OUT!

One Dream, One Team. That was part of the credo for Vanoc. I have always dreamt of coming to the Olympics (in one form or another), so it was amazing to be a part of this event! I have had a great time here, learned a lot, and met a lot of great people. Instead of One team, I would like to take this time to thank a number of teams that I am a part of.

First, the Britannia team. EVS Ethan, Super Susy, and Super Anya. It is amazing how fast we came together as a team and how well we supported each other. Have a great time at the game tomorrow! It was great getting to know you all and good luck in your future. Also a big shout-out to Chris and Jonathan, Ralph and Suman, and of course the Icemen-Glen, June, and Joe.

Next, my real-life job team. I really appreciated being given the opportunity to come out here, and I hope that I can bring something Olympic back to Queen's. I would especially like to thank the MCE team-Steph and Ryan, Grobe, LeBlanc and Jamie who kept things going while I was gone!

The last team I need to thank is my family. Sheldon, thanks for your support of my Olympic Adventure. A month is a long time (even though it was the shortest month of the year) to be the only caregiver. I guess I owe you about 20 hockey practices, 25 basketball practices and 10 soccer practices. Ainsley and Brennan, thanks for taking care of yourselves, each other and your dad. I am really looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow. Don't worry, I brought you back something!