Thursday, November 26, 2009

First Practice in Quebec

The Gaels had practice yesterday starting at 4:30pm.  We arrived around 3:30pm for taping and such. 

The weather on the field was windy - WOW was it windy; but the guys didn't seem to notice too much.  Of course with the wind it  was bitterly cold.  The guys bundled up as best they could and it appeared to be  a first productive day for the Gaels on the field.

Backup QB Justin Chapdelaine  got some media attention after practice.  You may recall Justin is the son of former Laval Head Coach - Jacques Chapdelaine.  Jacques is also an offensive coordinator for the BC Lions.  Justin told me that he remembers as a little boy running around the facility where the Gaels locker rooms are this week.  He wasn't very old at the time - but he has spent some time in PEPS - so he feels at home.

Speaking of PEPS Stadium, I got my first look yesterday.  It's a 3/4 Bowl with an upper deck on the East Side which was installed specifically for the next two Vanier Cups (as told by Michel Belanger at the CIS).   The field turf is fabulous and it is very simlar to Tindall Field on campus at Queen's.  Good news for Gaels fans - Queen's has held a number of practices on Tindall Field over the last few weeks - so hopefully this will be helpful come Saturday.

Laval has brought in temporary lighting for practice times this week - We were out on the field at 4:30pm and it was already very dark here in Quebec City.  It was overcast, but by the time Calgary got off the field last night - it was almost fully dark. 

Following practice - the Gaels headed over to Boston Pizza for dinner and then called it a night.

For the most part our team is pretty relaxed which I think is a good thing heading into a busy Thursday.

Today - we head back to PEPS for a 1:30pm practice time.   Calgary, as told by my counterpart
 Ben Matchett, will practice indoors today.

Currently the Gaels are in  meetings discussing strategy.

I hope to post again during practice and then following the All-Canadian and Major Awards Banquet scheduled for this evening.  It's going to be a busy day for the team.... scratch that - a long busy day for the team.  

Michael Grobe
Communications & Sports Information