Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Media Conference

We got our first look at some of Calgary's players today during the Media Conference.  The Host Committee did a great job in organizing a professionally run media availability. 

Players representing Queen's were Shomari Williams (Mitchell Bowl MVP), Danny Brannagan, Osie Ukuwoma and Jimmy Therrien.

On Calgary's side Erik Glavic, Andrea Bonaventura, Matt Walter and Steve Lumballa represented the Dinos.

Jimmy T and Pat received much of the media attention during the conference with both having links to Quebec.  The CIS officials organized a great photo opportunity between the two QB's Glavic and Brannagan.  

The event is receiving good coverage in local media.  RadioCanada has conducted quite a few interviews and TVA is also onsite.   LeSoil is also covering the event.

The Kingston Whig Standard - Mike Koreen arrived today and was also on site.  I'm sure Mike will be offering Kingston readers a glimpse into the proceedings as well.

Calgary practiced first today and they quickly hustled out the door after the proceedings which took about 20 minutes plus another 35 for interviews.  Pat conducted his last interview around 2:00pm

Practice is in a few hours   I have a couple things to prepare in terms of helping (IU Assistant Manager) Drew Soleyn out over the afternoon - but I hope to post during or after practice tonight.

Michael Grobe - Communications & Sports Information Officer