Thursday, November 26, 2009

Practice Two

Well - things never go as planned and trying to get a blog post up during practice didn't happen.  I'll write quickly because the All-Canadian Banquet is starting at 6:30pm and we are set to leave at 6:15pm. (Yes I still need to get dressed...).

Practice today was good.  The players were greeted to some sun, but mostly cloudy weather with the temperature hovering around six degrees.  It was much nicer conditions to practice in than on Wednesday.

The media contingent is really starting to roll in.  TSN's John Lu was onsite and he wanted to speak to Danny and Shomari.  Shomari also got additional attention from theScore.   Osie, Matt Vickers and Scott Valberg each had a newspaper requests.  Nick Sirski and Frank Pankewich also were interviewed via my cell phone to their local news papers back home.

It's nice to see several members of the team getting media requests of late.  Danny has received a lot of attention this season (and deservedly so), but it's a treat to work with some of the other players who don't always get the media attention they sometimes deserve.

Next up is the All-Canadian Banquet.  The Gaels are headed over as a group 6:15.  Some of the players who haven't been to the gala dinner are asking the veteran guys what they can expect.  This will be my first appearance there and I'm told Laval is planning a decent evening.

I'll report more of the evenings highights when I return.  The big question on everyone's minds will be - who is the Hec Crighton award recipient this evening.  We'll know in a few hours.   Michael Faulds (Western), Erik Glavic (Calgary)   Gary Ross (Mount Allison) and Benoit Groulx (Laval) are all up for the award.

Michael Grobe
Communications & Sports Information