Friday, November 27, 2009

One Sleep Away

Gaels fans - we are just one sleep away from the biggest game Queen's has played in since 1992!    Excitement is in the air as more and more Queen's fans start to arrive in Quebec City.

This morning the team got some much needed shuteye and the wake up call didn't come until 9:30am.  Pat and his crew attended the Coach of the Year festivites which was held at another hotel.

The team had a short work day - a bunch of meetings in the morning and then of course the usual pregame walk through which was held from 3:30 - 4:30pm  The walk through was held in the rain, but it didn't seem to bother the team that much.  They are in business mode right now and they know what needs to get done.

The one thing that has amazed me about this team since we started the playoffs four weeks ago is how incredibly loose they are.  This team has a quiet confidence about them.  While they are focused on the end goal and they are in business mode ... you get a sense that they are treating this like any other week.   Pat and the coaching staff have kept a pretty tight schedule all week.  Pat has also done an excellent job at ensuring the team keeps to a routine as much as possible. 

Now having said this - I'm sure there are some on the team who are nervous about tomorrow - how can there not be?  Regardless, this is a veteran team with a lot of seniors graduating. These guys know it's there last university football game tomorrow and they are determined to leave everything on the field.

A few other tidbits from today which deserve mentioning:
  • Danny Brannagan was stopped in a Quebec restaurant at dinner with a child asking for his autographer.  Danny, one of the nicest athletes I've had a privilege of working (having worked in professional golf and skiing), took time to talk with the kid to make him special - regardless of the result tomorrow - Danny can say he's #1 in class!
  • Upon return from supper - the hotel we are staying at, brought around a special desert for each player - delivered right to the door. - Classy!
  • Rod Black and Duane Forde arrived today and spoke with a number of players in preparation for tomorrow's game - Danny, Shomari, Jimmy Allin and Scott Valberg
  • We've been posting photos all week - documentary style... if you haven't seen them check them out at :
A parents reception is about to start in a few minutes.  I'm going to head over to check it out.

Michael Grobe
Communications & Sports Information